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Forum Rules:

a few notes on etiquette and guidelines for a healthy online support group:

- please be respectful, even when you disagree. i encourage you to share your opinion and perspective, and discuss alternative approaches and ways of thinking.

- offer support and suggestions when you can. in fact, on days when you feel tapped out, try to do so anyway... it feels great to help others and it can lift you out of a funk to know you've brightened someone's day.

- if you discuss a particular medication or treatment modality, remember that what works for you may not work for others. you should never try a new treatment approach without discussing it with your health care team. i'm not a doctor.

- please do not use profanity. i don't tolerate any bullying, bigotry, racism, or judgment of others in any way, so check your judgment at the door. we can all learn from each other no matter our color, sexual orientation, ability, religion or fashion sense.

- if you participate in the conversation, you must follow these guidelines. meanies will be banned. awesome people will be hugged (virtually). smooches!



A few words on thoughtfulness

We are a community, which means there are many of us, all from different backgrounds and experiences. When we talk on the forum, we bring unique benefits - and biases - to the table. Please use care when responding to another member's question or statement; she (or he) may be going through a hard time, or may come from a different perspective. Try to be as factually accurate and respectful as possible, and remember that medical advice from another member should never take the place of a health care provider's advice. XO Jenni


** Disclaimer **

Babes, I'm not a doctor or lawyer or healthcare provider. I'm just a sick chick who loves helping others - and the same is true for just about every member of our forum. So please be careful what you do after reading medical advice here. Always speak to your healthcare professional before trying a new medication, supplement, exercise routine, etc., my staff and our volunteers are not liable if bad stuff happens to you, and we would hate for bad stuff to happen to you! So be smart, savvy, and do your own research. XO, Jenni

Welcome to the Forum! Some Tips:

Welcome to the ChronicBabe Forum! You're now part of a community of more than 3,000 members, women (and a few men) who are crafting incredible lives beyond chronic illness. YES! Join the conversation...and be sure to "friend" Jenni Grover, founder of ChronicBabe.

If you're brand new to discussion forums, read this first. As you get comfy with our group, personalize your page and add a profile image (even if you want to be anonymous, give us something nice to look at!) You can add photos that will play in a random slideshow (many members already have, and they're great pics!), or videos for other Babes to watch (we have a bunch already!). You can create a Group within the community (maybe on a specific disease, or a goal you have) and you can chat with other members in our chat room (you can participate any time you're logged in.)

Like the Forum? Grab the Badge on the lower left-hand corner and post it on your blog to help spread our message. If you have technical issues, please email Jenni by visiting PLUS: Please read the FORUM RULES (to the left) before you dive into the conversation. Thanks!

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    It's just a flare away

    Posted by Dawn Stokaluk on June 21, 2018 at 9:18am 0 Comments

    My condition seems to be creeping up on me whenever I try to juggle too many things at the same time.  One moment I am on top of the World and the next, I want off the ride.  Right now, I am doing a placement at an elderly care home as well as working 4 days a week in reception.  This means I get one day off per week.  My health kind of snowballed about a week ago.  I got the tell tale signs of my stomach and digestive system wanting nothing to do with me or whatever I gave it.  Spent an…


    Now Available: ChronicBabe 101: How to Craft an Incredible Life Beyond Illness - Jenni's Book

    Posted by Jenni Grover on September 25, 2017 at 12:30am 0 Comments

    It's here!

    ChronicBabe 101: How to Craft An Incredible Life Beyond Illness

    - by Jenni Grover…



    Posted by Sarah Deason on June 2, 2017 at 3:22pm 0 Comments

    Hey, just wondering if anyone has experience of spinal cord stimulation. I have had success but am going back to have the battery moved as it migrated over my spine


    Posted by KrisKris2 on May 7, 2017 at 11:32pm 1 Comment

    I was hoping when I found this site that it would be more active.  I'm still really glad to have found it and plan on being here often.  It feels good to find a place with others who face the same or similar struggles.  It feels good to be a part of something, to know that I am not alone.  Of course I already knew this but I have something tangible to go to now.  Right now I am feeling pretty alone in the world.  I'm not but my people don't hear me.  They don't listen.  They just try to fix…



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