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Forum Rules - Please Read!

1. Offer solutions and suggestions anytime you can. We want to build a supportive, positive community. If you're just here to complain, there's no room for that...please take complaints somewhere else.
2. Be nice. ChronicBabes are all about finding solutions, not starting arguments. Respect different points of view - you just might learn something.
3. Please don't use profanity, and we will immediately ban anyone who says anything racist, homophobic or otherwise inflammatory. Got it?
4. If you want to post a photo or two (not 10!) of yourself or something that inspires you, great - but don't use the photo or video section to advertise your business or you'll be banned immediately.
5. Have fun! As with all things ChronicBabe-related, we want the Forum to be a place where you can enjoy yourself, get fresh ideas, meet cool people and connect in a positive way. That will happen because you make it happen, so go for it!


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A few words on thoughtfulness

We are a community, which means there are many of us, all from different backgrounds and experiences. When we talk on the forum, we bring unique benefits - and biases - to the table. Please use care when responding to another member's question or statement; she (or he) may be going through a hard time, or may come from a different perspective. Try to be as factually accurate and respectful as possible, and remember that medical advice from another member should never take the place of a health care provider's advice. XO Jenni


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You're here! We are so happy. Some tips:

Welcome to the ChronicBabe Forum! As of today, we have more than 2,200 members! YES!!! And, we're growing faster than ever. Join the conversation...and be sure to "friend" Editrix Jenni!

If you're brand new to discussion forums, read this first. As you get comfy with our group, personalize your page and add a profile image (even if you want to be anonymous, give us something nice to look at!) You can add photos that will play in a random slideshow (many members already have, and they're great pics!), or videos for other Babes to watch (we have a bunch already!). You can create a Group within the community (maybe on a specific disease, or a goal you have) and you can chat with other members in our chat room (you can participate any time you're logged in.)

Like the Forum? Grab the Badge on the lower right-hand corner and post it on your blog to help spread our message. Because we're so new, there might be little issues; if you have things you would like to see, please email Jenni by visiting PLUS: Please read the FORUM RULES (to the left) before you dive into the conversation. Thanks!

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    ** Disclaimer **

    Babes, we are not doctors. Nor are we lawyers. In fact, we're just a bunch of women (and a few men) who are sick and want to share resources. So please be careful what you do after reading medical advice here. Always speak to your health care professional before trying a new medication, supplement, exercise routine, etc. and its staff are not liable if bad stuff happens to you, and we would hate for bad stuff to happen to you! So be smart, savvy, and do your own research. XO Jenni, the Editrix

    Blog Posts

    Spinal Cord Stimulator

    Posted by Mary Dean on June 19, 2015 at 12:14am 4 Comments

    Earlier today I had a spinal cord simulator placed in my back...I have some seriously bad siatica pain and degenerative disc issues. I am doing a trial for 5 days. Has anyone used one of these? They are hoping it helps with my Fibro also. Any information would be great. BTW it appears to definitely helping with my pain but where they put the wires in hurts like a @#$#%!

    I'm Doing AWAP!

    Posted by Cheryl Chalah on May 27, 2015 at 9:18pm 0 Comments

    What am I up to? Hmmm? Had to have my 14 year old Bichon put to sleep Friday morning. I cried a lot that day. The next day I cried even more. I felt mentally and physically drained. Sunday afternoon I began to feel dizzy, my eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head and had a headache. I spent a miserable night and the next day FINALLY took pain med which helped. I'm still here slightly better and of course my IBS has flared up. But, you know what? It could be worse! My older sister… Continue

    Our Chronic Journey

    Posted by Sheana Ochoa on April 14, 2015 at 10:20pm 2 Comments

    Chronic Journey refers to our individual paths toward healing. The root word for heal, hale, is the same word for “whole,” (tweet this) which tells me that although I am not physically healthy, it does not mean I am not a whole and useful person. Those of us with chronic pain and illness are traveling toward goals of our own making. Some of us want to be better at…


    Things I wish someone had told me about my depression and anxiety

    Posted by Samantha Joie on December 30, 2014 at 10:09pm 1 Comment

    As most do, when I was going through the process of trying to find a diagnosis for my fibromyalgia I went through a huge depression. I felt lost and worthless. I was caught in an endless cycle of pain and all I could think that there was nothing I could do. I could barely leave my bed without pain.

    After a while I was diagnosed and medicated and things were a little better but the depression stayed. I was able to find a great psychologist (on my first try) and within two visits she was… Continue



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