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1. Offer solutions and suggestions anytime you can. We want to build a supportive, positive community. If you're just here to complain, there's no room for that...please take complaints somewhere else.
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4. If you want to post a photo or two (not 10!) of yourself or something that inspires you, great - but don't use the photo or video section to advertise your business or you'll be banned immediately.
5. Have fun! As with all things ChronicBabe-related, we want the Forum to be a place where you can enjoy yourself, get fresh ideas, meet cool people and connect in a positive way. That will happen because you make it happen, so go for it!


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A few words on thoughtfulness

We are a community, which means there are many of us, all from different backgrounds and experiences. When we talk on the forum, we bring unique benefits - and biases - to the table. Please use care when responding to another member's question or statement; she (or he) may be going through a hard time, or may come from a different perspective. Try to be as factually accurate and respectful as possible, and remember that medical advice from another member should never take the place of a health care provider's advice. XO Jenni


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mollie montgomery replied to Hollie Challoner's discussion Things to do when you need to re-Coop?
"Great ideas Lehanne.  In addtion to audio books there are also tons of great free podcasts out there.  I love to listen to Radiolab, This American Life and Fresh Air while doing something easy with my hands"
13 hours ago
Profile IconAnna C, Adrienne Clements and Maggie joined ChronicBabe Forum
18 hours ago
Kimberly replied to Brigitte's discussion Has anyone lost a job due to their illness?
"Brigitte you are lucky to at least know where your endo came from. I'm adopted so growing up we didn't have any family medical history. I got lucky though my mom had endo too which was why she couldn't have kids. As I got older my…"
21 hours ago
Adrienne Clements joined Cecilia's group

It's All About M.E. - Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Welcome to all Chronic Babes looking for discussion, information, and support for M.E. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
22 hours ago


Things to do when you need to re-Coop?

Started by Hollie Challoner in Coping Skills. Last reply by mollie montgomery 13 hours ago. 5 Replies

CFS/ME and headaches-what helps

Started by mollie montgomery in Coping Skills yesterday. 0 Replies

New Member

Started by Marissa in Emotional Support and Advice. Last reply by Marissa on Wednesday. 3 Replies

Books to read when you're not feeling well?

Started by J B in Fun!. Last reply by Lehnanne Kidd on Wednesday. 14 Replies


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    ** Disclaimer **

    Babes, we are not doctors. Nor are we lawyers. In fact, we're just a bunch of women (and a few men) who are sick and want to share resources. So please be careful what you do after reading medical advice here. Always speak to your health care professional before trying a new medication, supplement, exercise routine, etc. and its staff are not liable if bad stuff happens to you, and we would hate for bad stuff to happen to you! So be smart, savvy, and do your own research. XO Jenni, the Editrix

    Blog Posts

    Men and chronic illness

    Posted by Samantha Joie on April 14, 2014 at 1:09pm 0 Comments

    This is a varied issue that I've thought about and I need to get off of my chest. It's the issue of the mates of those who suffer from chronic illness. Of course this affects women whose husbands have illnesses but since I'm a woman this is more often the subject I relate to.

    I'm pretty well off in this regard. I've been with my high school sweetheart who knew me before I was diagnosed with fibro and supported me afterwards to the point that when I'm with him it doesn't even feel as though… Continue

    Some advice about getting SSI

    Posted by mollie montgomery on February 15, 2014 at 9:14am 2 Comments

    I wrote this as a response to a question on another forum, and thought it might be useful to share here.  I am open to helping anyone with the process of getting SSI as well. 

     I was turned down the first time I applied and learned a lot from that experience.  I got SSI on appeal all by myself.  Here are some things that worked:

    1.They go by your medical record and often that does not contain specific info about your functioning (it doesn't matter if you prove the disability if…




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